Tracey-Ann Morris (B.A., M.A) is a trained fine artist and art teacher from Western Australia. Bright, textured colours come to mind when viewing the paintings by Tracey-Ann Morris.

Born as Tracey-Ann Smith in Perth, a passion for art and computing led her to develop electronic art at the Australian National University, Canberra. A move to London in 2001 saw her return to fine art, culminating in an exhibition in London in 2004 with her Backpacker Seriers of popular West Australian landscapes.

Returning back to Perth saw her professional career continuing in Information Technology, while her paintings developed into aerial views of the Western Australian landscape. Attracted to the vast array of natural colours and abstract views, Tracey-Ann captures the colours and textures of both northern and southern WA.

Recent works have become even more abstract, expressing the landscape and the larger cosmos in vivid colors, movement and energy. Tracey-Ann is wanting to paint a deeper connection with her surroundings.

Tracey-Ann has done a number of commissions over the years, ranging from traditional portraits, landscapes to abstract compositions. A large skillset allows her to provide commissioned works at any style.

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